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tv   Headline News  RT  July 12, 2014 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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god. israel snubs international pressure to continue its airstrikes on gaza meanwhile the death toll surpasses one hundred ten palestinians mostly civilians. this militants in syria and iraq recruit a fresh army of volunteers is the self-proclaimed islamic state reportedly collects a million dollars a day from selling oil and. let me tell you tonight a surprise extra stop on his tour of latin america showing up in nicaragua but after a fruitful day of talks with the castro brothers in havana. well
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from the watching artie's national this morning with me andrew. now israeli airstrikes are continuing over garza's with one hundred thirteen palestinians being killed there since tuesday most of them civilians and over twenty children but israel's pressing on adding that no international pressure will force them to back down. i. was out of yellow. was. a little. it's right here ok so did how mass minutes since but they also hit residential areas as you can see there
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is just a tiny slice of land crammed with almost two million people israel attacked over a thousand targets and changed a bit is now using twice the force during a similar operation back in twenty twelve with thirty thousand israeli troops are on standby with a possible ground invasion looming locals in gaza bracing for the worst is generally how we face reports. israel continues to strike sites all over the gaza strip exacted over one thousand and since the operation began one of the sites that it struck was actually here and it was a family home that stood just behind me israel has been using this policy of targeting the homes of militants or those related to militants as part of its operation now there are of course is ready tanks stationed along the israel gaza border palestinians here fear that there is a chance of a ground invasion given the fact particularly that israeli figures israeli
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officials have said that they are preparing for a ground invasion that the operation will continue continue for days ahead and there are hundreds of sites left to be targeted here in gaza but israel is not interested in stopping its operation until all rocket fire from gaza stops the situation here is very very grave indeed and palestinians do live in fear of an escalation and this operation continuing for days or even weeks ahead while hamas militants are also keep. attacks on israel seven people were wounded one of them seriously after a rocket from gaza his gas station suddenly israel early on a friday civil defense are and have now become commonplace across israel let's get more on the situation from paula slowly he joins us from tel aviv paula there's no sign is the river any deescalation. now this
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certainly is no sound of any deescalation in fact the situation here in israel is extremely tense barrages of rockets continue to be fired at the country from gaza there was one incident when a gas station in the city of ashdod was hit and one person has been seriously injured in fact that is the most serious incident so far ninety percent of the rockets that are coming from gaza are intercepted by the iron dome anti missile defense system on friday night three missiles were intercepted of the skies of tel aviv and i was at an open field when this happened and it's almost surreal people rushed out of it cars and is almost a few seconds before they can get to the ground or hide behind some kind of building many people just watching this interception in the sky and when it happened there was this huge applause that went up from people on the street where i was but certainly people are afraid what we're hearing from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is that he will not back down and he will certainly not back down to international pressure he says and i'm quoting that the battle is progressing as planned so there is the sense on the ground that this could
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ultimately lead to a ground offensive as you well know thousands of reserve soldiers have been called up the head of the israeli army is also saying that gazans made a grave mistake by launching rockets at israel and that they will bring disaster upon themselves so certainly the rhetoric that's coming out at the moment does seem to suggest that this operation will continue and possibly continue for quite some time. thanks paula that. live there from television thank you. meanwhile the un's top human rights official is calling for an investigation into these strikes on gaza high commissioner navy pillay says the attacks that killed women and children could violate international law bill van s. well from human rights watch things the attacks could amount to war crimes the civilian suffering is not getting enough attention it's not getting enough attention from the israeli forces who are conducting those airstrikes naval strikes tank shelling and other forms of attack under the laws of war which bind israel as
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they bind any military force you cannot shoot first and ask questions later you have got to make sure that what you're shooting at is a legitimate target and if there's any doubt in your mind whether it might be civilian you have to hold fire and i'm very concerned that we're not seeing that we may be seeing the opposite we've seen virtually no accountability for a very well documented past cases of abuse of violations and even a war crimes and without accountability and with impunity then abuses will obviously continue you you weaken your enemy by by attacking their fighters and their military objects you do nothing to weaken your enemy by attacking a civilian population who is not fighting you it does nothing for you it's a war crime. the islamic state proclaimed by jihadists in parts of syria and iraq is expanding its influence and attracting more volunteers to the extremists are reported by u.k. media to be raking in around a million dollars
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a day by selling oil from the facilities they captured in both countries some rival rebel groups and i flocking to feel that your highest ranks nevertheless the united states maintains it can still find a moderate opposition to is getting reports. more rebel groups there pledge allegiance to the islamic state the extremist group now controls a vast part of iraq and syria and has announced a caliphate one report says. strong syrian rebel brigade arrived at the headquarters of the islamic state in a convoy of over a hundred vehicles including ten tanks ceased from syrian government forces for several years now u.s. officials have been trying to create this image of the syrian opposition as former teachers farmers and dentists fighting against bashar assad the speedy advance of the isis shows just how much more complicated the situation is the obama administration began to stumble when answering questions about the contradiction
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between u.s. efforts in syria and now in iraq. oftentimes the challenge is if you have former farmers or teachers. or pharmacists. who now are taking up. opposition against a battle hardened regime. with support from external actors that have won that state how quickly can you get them trained washington is still determined to continue arming the syrian opposition the white house has asked congress for half a billion dollars in eight for the syrian opposition and you have many hawkish lawmakers here who want just that the white house says the forces there are now providing weapons to our moderate but what does moderate mean in that part of the world where everything can change overnight we get into this conflict between who is
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a radical and who's a moderate and who we're going to arm and then people change sides look what happened in iraq in recent years and it gets so confusing that even the experts don't understand it and get all. when they try to describe it in light of the onslaught of the state you can often hear the criticism that indeed this is this to remove. washington we have overlooked the threat of this radical group in washington i'm going to check on on. what middle east analyst for to spend he says there's no way for moderate syrian groups to prevent their military hardware from falling into the hands of jihadists the syrian rebels come in a wide variety of idiology and beliefs and organizations but they're all working quite closely together so this notion that there is a an expansion of isis for instance is certainly not a surprise i think many people have been worried that if the u.s.
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provides weapons to what they consider the so-called moderate opposition that there will be no way that those quote moderates can protect those weapons from falling into the hands of jihadi forces like isis and others it won't be because they want to turn it over to them necessarily although it might also but simply because they don't have the military capacity that some of these other organizations these islamist organizations do have so it's going to be further militarization more people will be killed it's not going to help the syrian people and particularly syrian civilians it's going to make it worse for them. the u.n. security council should show more concern over the rising number of civilian casualties in ukraine that come from russia's mboya to the body patani chore can mean the ukrainian army and anti-government forces in the self-proclaimed and yes going against republics have been locked into a violent tit for tat. is in the city begins for us maria we're getting reports of
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casualties mounting on both sides of the conflict zone. indeed we have to say that the ukrainian crisis continues to escalate with death toll from all sides and anger also rising one friday ukrainian president with what i can said that quotation for every soldier's life the militants will pay with or send hundreds of their road bets off to tack on the army's brigade near the russian border in which twenty three servicemen including border guards were killed and around one hundred are others were injured it is sad that multiple rocket launcher known as gods or hay was used in this attack that is considered to be so far the deadliest attack on the army's position since the beginning of what gear calls it spent in terrible ration later the operation commanders in kiev reported that at least seventy five anti government forces were killed in the clashes around the
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city of donetsk the biggest in the eastern ukraine with a population of one million people that became the key battleground to the surrender of the towns of slovyansk and mentors but this information was not confirmed. by the officials. to government forces themselves they said that they lost a dozen of their fighters and they have turned into well of course these reports are sometimes conflicting and this is clear but in this situation what we can see that ordinary civilians continue to pay the highest price and while it is not clear exactly how many men. women and children died in months although a large scale major operation here in eastern ukraine both sides agreed that casualties in months of didn't want elation very high and it is continuing to rise and of course in this situation we can say that hopes are fading away but a dog that many saw many of those who are not directly involved in this conflict in
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ukraine a calling for could happen any time soon unfortunately back to you thank you that's an option of the latest there from the city of ganske in east ukraine thank you. you can go online to find first hand accounts and expert analysis in our in-depth coverage of the ongoing violence and. so to come this hour we look at the we look at how the latest spy scandal in germany is affecting free trade talks between the u.s. and europe plus the. person that your dog is to bring outside where there was someone watching. authorities in the spanish time to show you private eyes to help track down or cruising don't clean up after that.
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cross talk rules in effect that you can jump in anytime you want. right. the first strike. and i think.
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hello again i'm glad i'm a page and he's heading for his maiden visit to argentina that will be the president's third stop of his latin american week long tour he's already been to nicaragua and cuba where there was plenty to discuss with have on his current leader raul castro and also his older brother fidel all the details now from our correspondent alex yeah ships. concluded to his first stop on the latin american tour. speaking at a press conference he confirmed that many major important deals have been signed particularly allowing the russian companies are to be actually have to drill oil in platforms in cuba potentially those oil fields have up to twenty billion barrels of oil many other deals as well but the biggest news of the day and this is the talk
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of the town now is that officially confirmed it is writing off ninety percent of cubans debts to the soviet union which amounts to thirty two billion u.s. dollars an astronomical sum of money for this country the remaining ten percent will be reinvested into the cuban economy the trick of course is now what come on a willful and offer in return the speculation is rife that the military base the writer base on cuba the soviet base will this which was shot down in the late one thousand nine hundred may be relaunched but that is of course a speculation it was not confirmed by and neither are or. one of the highlights of this visit here was. to talk with fidel castro who has been spending the best part of the last decade in a hospital being seriously ill. they talked about international and regional politics and it was a rather short conversation which is typical for the legendary cuban leader he has been a good talker his longest speech in one thousand eight hundred six and have on the
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last that for as many as seven hours may no longer be controlling everything in his country but still he is pretty much the cuban leader he has been here for forty nine years politically outliving ten american presidents he has been claiming that he survived as many as six hundred thirty four attempts on his life most of them as he says were masterminded by the cia and some of those have been creative to say the least including poison peels a toxic cigar exploding even a special chemically created powder to get him rid of his beard to undermine his popularity. well i think can still come a night in brazil where he will take part in the sixth annual brics summit political analyst i think she says the five nation going because not only of economic importance but also geopolitical brics although it's always shown as an economic agreement is has turned into
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a geopolitical agreement and if anything today's world is still livable because russia and china mainly are offering a counterbalance to our american religious european and israeli imperialism multifold the world is the only way our worst sort of future and definitely all of latin america or at least should form part of that multipolar world where we can of course and do you dealing with the western nations about about ballot historical issues but we should look further afield especially china to russia to india to even africa which is very much ignored in this part of the world and less to europe britain and america which have brought so many problems so much hardship and so much poverty throughout all of. on our website right now i'm home in miss alice inspire a quantum leap in the military research and development to u.s. tech claims it's a step away from producing guided bullets that will allow snipers to shoot the
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wrong way and still hit their target plus. russian archaeologists hit the jackpot when days of careful digging revealed they had nothing else to say but they had found the romeo and juliet of the bronze age you can find these stories on our website. this content is spreading in europe over what could be the largest free trade agreement ever struck the deal between the u.s. and the you know as the transatlantic trade and investment partnership is right strong criticism from environmentalist economists on the latest spy scandals in
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germany are adding to the popularity of the trade talks. peter all of us expect. the relationship between germany and the united states is somewhat strained at the moment against the backdrop of spy scandal after spy scandal the unprecedented action taken of expelling a cia operative from the u.s. embassy here in berlin and a recent poll suggesting that almost seventy percent of germans have lost trust recently in the united states while all of this comes against the backdrop of the negotiations of a potentially multi billion dollar trade deal between europe and the united states the transatlantic investment partnership deal well this could potentially be huge for the industry but it does have its critics now to talk a bit more about this and about the negotiations they're going to be going on on t. tip i'm joined by professor michael from democratic thank you very much for talking
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to me what are the major concerns for germans about the tea tape negotiations. in germany there are a lot of citizens who are worrying that european standards will sink we're talking about consumer protection and environmental protection those standards are lower in the u.s. there are also worries that international investors and corporations will receive special legal treatment that will lead to the abolition of some environmental and social protection laws. in the last two weeks we have seen the relationship be somewhat strained with regards to spying but do you think that would have any kind of impact on the go see a shins for the b. trade deal or is this pretty much already a done deal germany are set to sign their part of it. i don't believe it will have a significant factor on talks it's going to take until the end of two thousand and fifteen when negotiations should be completed this current affair will be forgotten quickly and i think negotiations will continue as if it didn't happen. thank you
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very much it does seem that despite germany taking the unprecedented action of expelling that cia operative and seemingly standing up to the united states when it comes to trade they are going to sign this deal despite the concerns of some of the citizens here in germany. well the proposal to create a transatlantic free trade area covering europe and north america has been in talks for decades but not everyone is in favor in france for example one hundred of the country's luminaries have launched a campaign against the deal writers performers and politicians are afraid the secretive negotiations will lead to a lowering of economic standards and perhaps an influx of genetically modified products from the u.s. position as already gained thousands of signatures let's have a look at some international news in brief now police in peru have captured three suspected rebels wanted for more than twenty years the three men to be charged with involvement in murders robberies and extortion they're believed to be part of the
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communist rebel group known as shining path some fractions of which also operate as a cocaine smuggling operation. brazil is on a high alert is on high alert head of the football world cup final on sunday authorities are saying more than twenty thousand security personnel will be deployed in the country's second largest city rio de janeiro with the home team crashing out in the semifinal the final will see germany take an argentina and will round off a month long competition. now the title lawrence of one particular spanish town may look like the perfect place to walk your dog but just make sure you pick up whatever your beloved pet decides to leave behind because local authorities have declared war on lazy dog owners is that traitor. if you walk your dog in the quaint spanish town of coleman r.v.o. beware the town's mayor warns they'll watch it step out of line and they'll be hot
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on your tail. when of resentment if your dog is pooping outside there is always someone watching at first they had volunteers give written warnings to people who didn't clean their dog's mess then that town launched phase two. be careful because we've got our eye on it. says the director of iris a madrid based detective agency he asked us to disguise his voice after the warning period to towns now working with iris to track these thoughtless offenders. it's a team there's a man a boy a woman always someone different always at different times. the record people who walk away without cleaning up after their dogs then turn the footage over to police. and they're determined to keep their city from going to the
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dogs don't pick up after your pet that could be one hundred fifty euro five do it again that could be up to three thousand euros either way it buys a lot of puppy chow they didn't need to raise new money for the project the town's public relations budget paid for the private eyes after the first month in action there novoa says they take it it nearly twenty people and i salute they're all going to it's not to raise money we did it to keep the town clean we worry about dog filth where children play it's a worry locals share it get it get a laughing take it all kind of people should always clean up after their dogs not just in the street but parks too because children could fall on the grass and in the poop they agree obnoxious pet owners should get their just deserves you know the eagle when i see. someone who doesn't clean up i want to take the poop and rub it on their faces. so give a thought if you're walking man's best friend in this town or it could land you in
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the doghouse. matt treasure our t. coleman our vehicle speak. with that further ado here and say we've got us coming up that's. the interview.
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i think. they would like to know that you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albus. rule. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across a cynical we've been hijacked lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told us about my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem to try and rational debate and a real discussion of critical issues facing america by different ready to join the
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movement then walk a little bit there. they were there i marinate and this is boom bust and these are some of the stories that we're tracking for you today. no assets no turnover no worries at least that was the case for sync technology which apparently is a company with only one employee and zero profits yet somehow has managed
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a four point five billion dollars valuation we look into coming to right then with the world cup final between germany and argentina happening this sunday in brazil we thought it was only appropriate to bring back sports economist victor thompson victor sat down with me earlier today to discuss what's going to happen to these class soccer stadiums post world cup that's the big question and heads out today but redacted tonight sam sachs is in the senate sitting down with me in today's big deal to discuss amazon profiting off of your kids in africa is not amazon you want to miss a moment and it all starts right now.


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